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说实话,我不知道Google招聘的这个职位(Tech Talk Transcriber)应该怎么翻译,大概是懂得转录语音的。

Is Google Developing A Podcast Search?
Chris Richardson | Contributing Writer | 2005-07-19
With the popularity of podcasting continuing to climb, a few, perhaps smaller search service providers have integrated the ability to search out the audio files, and it looks like the big guns are considering it as well.
至少根据的Threadwatch.org的Nick Wilson 的暗示。Nick Wilson 的文章指出,google在yahoo新近推出的招聘频道招募相关人才。
这个工作职位是Tech Talk Transcriber,要求符合以下条件。
At least according to a tip provided by Nick Wilson at Threadwatch.org. Nick’s post points to a Google job opening discovered on Yahoo’s newly launched HotJobs job search service.

The job listing is looking for people to fill the position of Tech Talk Transcriber, which contains the following description:
Two years experience in the transcription of technical information from audio tapes; proficient in grammar and spelling, some familiarity with technical jargon a plus, though ability to learn quickly on the job is more important.
By this description, it certainly looks as if Google is eyeing podcasts (or blogcasts if you with Microsoft) as being the next member of their massive search index. But, has Nick points out; this could also be a job listing for something else, like perhaps a person to transcribe the minutes from the various Google meetings.
However, when the Google opening also mentions the applicant should have knowledge of HTML, file transfers, and file sharing; it begins to narrow it down a little. Click here if you are interested in learning more about the job opening.