3 thoughts on “夢·冒險

  1. Let me dream tonight

    I woke up to the uneasy consciousness,
    Of how the sleep was dreamless.

    The puzzling feeling started me pondering,
    Over and over, like a moth perversely circling.

    How, how were those heartless hours spent,
    If not in dreaming, in senseless stonelike state?

    When light denied, darkness began to fall,
    Where had I been, no vision can tell or recall?

    How did the broken breath hard struggle?
    Over the empty gap, how did the soul made a survival?

    The dreamless sleep made me heavy, with no relaxing,
    Only find dreams filling days’ gap, making me sustaining.

    So let me dream tonight,
    Be it widely stormy or mildly sweet.–

    Remind me of a few lines by Coleridge, the same kind of sudden epiphany, resulting in uneasy feelings.







    If a man could pass through Paradise in a dream,

    And have a flower presented to him as a pledge that his soul had really been there,

    and if he found that flower in his hand when he awoke-Aye, and what then?

    “Animal Poetae”

    -S. T. Coleridge

  2. Let me dream tonight
    this was scribbled out, lying on bed last night , around 1 AM.
    i was almost asleep, vaguely thinking what dreams might come tonight,

    and furthur ask myself whether i liked a dreamless night or dreaming night.

    if i woke up to find that i did not dream during the past hours,

    so what happened in that period? this quesion set me thinking and thinking.

  3. 梦是奇怪的东西,


    不作,可以睡个好觉,但是醒来后,回想那段空白的记忆中,发生了什么?我呼吸了吗? 我周围发生了什么? 等等,这些混论的思考。


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