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[Eyes on China]Daily hot topics in Chinese Cyberspace

KaiDi club 凯迪社区 is one of the most popular forums in China. Listed below are hot topics in KaiDi club

·solve the contradiction between fairness and efficiency of Gaokao by using market method
note by doubleaf: Gaokao(高考) Gao means High School, Kao means exam. Gaokao means the university entrance examination which takes place in China. Gaokao is vital for almost every Chinese high school students. Sometimes, it can even decide a student’s life and fate.
·[Internet Criticism] suspicion of industrialization on education
·[Cats’ eye on the world] intolerant applicability & moral baseline theory
·[Cats’ eye on the world] mourn for the children who were wandering in heaven
·facing the dead, we can do more than cry
·[Cats’ eye on the world] moved by the teachers of Shalan town
·[Cats’ eye on the world] the real state of rate between Chinese government officials and civilians
·[Cats’ eye on the world]Thinking: the Vanishing Tsinghua
·[Contend] look at the importance of changing ideology through the “Reform sacrifice theory”
·[picture and life] How people survive! Weeping for rural area’s education
·[Cats’ eye on the world] How many Red Light Buildings need recognized by fire?
·[Cats’ eye on the world] The real heroes in Shalan Affair
·[Link] a sketch map of National Showplace is worthy of several thousand million RMB yuan
·[viewpoints]Governor’s self-punishment and the valuableness of officials’ responsibility consciousness
·[Internet Criticism] It’s officials foremost morality and justice to stay with civilians when emergencies come
·[Internet Criticism] Writing while weeping
·[viewpoints]Chinese education: unfair expansion and its motivity
·[Comments] expect to hear the opinion of American on Japan’s denying Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal (Tokyo Saiban)
·[Cats’ eye on the world] split courthouse and government by using “jury”
·[Read world] what is it that decide the future of “future peasants”
·[Media link] Dismiss town governments—Not the goal of reform
·[Frontline of Anti-corruption] When Governor underneath the Skirt of Beauty
·[Cats’ eye on the world] Moral China’s dead end


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