[Eyes on China]Daily hot topics in Chinese Cyberspace

KaiDi club 凯迪社区 is one of the most popular forums in China. Listed below are hot topics in KaiDi club on 17th June,2005

  • Why does the systemic education for contesting have to be ended (means the exams for competition)
  • Why should I say that the choices of restricting China are unadvisable
  • The vital effect of educational system reform
  • Why those who drowned are all students? (link via xinhua )
  • A real rural society: < Eight Chapters of Rural Area>
  • A dislocation of roles when superior makes a disclosure of inferior
  • Why a ridiculous injustice case was left for ten years without investigation?(link via news24.com )
  • The structure of interests behind the new trend of Taiwan strait peace
  • To the 95 children of Shalan Town(link)
  • Abandon one while acquiring another: the scaldingteass of countryside education
  • Between Natural disasters and man-made disasters
  • Look, look, the faces of bureaucracy
  • Foreigners who ride bikes unexpectedly become third class citizen in Beijing
  • Why the villagers of Shengyou are ransacked by mobs?(link)
  • A sincere penitence by the released French journalist Aubenas
  • I really don’t wanna talk about the children of Shalan town
  • This sentence of Pidgin English is not only for fun
  • Whose office building is Huanan Hotel? (link)
  • The angels’ fingerprints
  • [观点]体制性的竞技教育何以必须终结

    MSN Spaces China still filters sensitive words

    注:经过反复验证以及 Bennett Haselton的指点,我发现msn依然在Spaces中屏蔽敏感词汇。由于部分网友将其hotmail国籍改为美国,以获得250m空间(现在msn中国也升为250m了),所以这部分网友创建的blog无限制,即使在中文界面下.或者当初创建blog时使用的浏览器非中文,也不受限制。而新创建的blog,如果是国籍中国,浏览器中文依然受到限制。

    MSN Spaces China DO not filter any sensitive words such as democracy, freedom both in the titles and contents of individual blog posts now. I mean in Chinese interface , not the English one.

    And Bennett Haselton says that they are still filtered in the title of the blog, that’s to say, the name of your blog. But after my testing, sensitive words are also not fitlered there.

    LiDan reported this firstly, and her article is here http://blog.lidan.net/archives/000295.html..

    While, I don’t know whether all Chinese provinces cancel the filter, or just according to the IP address. I am in Beijing, the capital city of PR China.

    Anybody who knows Chinese can check the listed pics below or my MSN Spaces http://spaces.msn.com/members/chener1981/

    Update: the aboved is only effective for those blogs created when using an English browser OR your country is NOT China in hotmail settings

    MSN Spaces China still filters sensitive words