Robert Scoble 挺逗

我发现Robert Scoble 挺逗的,这哥们的blog名为Scobleizer: Microsoft Geek Blogger .Geek这个词金山词霸的解释是:做低级滑稽表演的人。据说,他就是因为写blog才被Bill Gates招进微软的。link我怎么没遇到这种好事呢?


My wife says I’m wrong.
My son says I’m wrong.
My best friends say I’m wrong.
My book co-author says I’m wrong.
All week long my coworkers have been coming by and saying I’m wrong.
Dan Gillmor says I’m wrong.
Rebecca MacKinnon says I’m wrong.
Now a bunch of Chinese bloggers say I’m wrong.
In the face of overwhelming evidence, I admit I’m wrong. Trying to justify the Chinese MSN word blocker is one of the more boneheaded things I’ve done.


Dan Gillmor说我错了,
Rebecca MacKinnon说我错了

我要对Robert Scoble说,没关系,中国有句老话,过而能改,善莫大焉。毛主席说,有问题不要紧,知错能改,改了就是好同志嘛。呵呵

[Eyes on China]Daily hot topics in Chinese Cyberspace

KaiDi club 凯迪社区 is one of the most popular forums in China. Listed below are hot topics in KaiDi club on 17th June,2005

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  • Why those who drowned are all students? (link via xinhua )
  • A real rural society: < Eight Chapters of Rural Area>
  • A dislocation of roles when superior makes a disclosure of inferior
  • Why a ridiculous injustice case was left for ten years without investigation?(link via )
  • The structure of interests behind the new trend of Taiwan strait peace
  • To the 95 children of Shalan Town(link)
  • Abandon one while acquiring another: the scaldingteass of countryside education
  • Between Natural disasters and man-made disasters
  • Look, look, the faces of bureaucracy
  • Foreigners who ride bikes unexpectedly become third class citizen in Beijing
  • Why the villagers of Shengyou are ransacked by mobs?(link)
  • A sincere penitence by the released French journalist Aubenas
  • I really don’t wanna talk about the children of Shalan town
  • This sentence of Pidgin English is not only for fun
  • Whose office building is Huanan Hotel? (link)
  • The angels’ fingerprints
  • [观点]体制性的竞技教育何以必须终结