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我了解国内共享软件作者的困境,但随便强奸别人电脑,招来的就是我竖起中指,然后大声说”Fuck you!” 本来不想骂的,不过实在忍无可忍了!

What the Chinese Netizens Discussed recently

Tianyaclub.com is a popular forum in China which has 20,000 to 40,000 users online and the total registered users are over 3,000,000 or even more. The follwing is a list of the recently discussed topics in Tianyaclub‘s World Look.

  • Japan’s bid for a permanent seat in the UNSC(United Nations Security Council) ran into a blank wall in Africa Japanese media criticized China’s intervention
  • Help! what on earth is the area of China’s territory ?
  • Japanese brutehood made Taiwanese fisherfolk angry: What should we do?(forward)
  • an earthshaking speech by the president of Antigua and Barbuda!
  • The road to humanbeing’s perdition–not a joke
  • Let’s discuss—Unite Japan to anti-America! America is our first enemy(forward)
  • Just wanna ask a question: why US didn’t veto when China resumed its UNSC permanent seat in 1971( refers to the People’s Republic of China replaced the Republic of China in UNSC–doubleaf)
  • Central Asia, is Central Kingdom’s Asia (note:China or Zhongguo literally means central kingdom in Chinese language–doubleaf)
  • Do not shout for attacking Taiwan, look at the real level of Chinese war industry, feel heavy
  • Please tell me, does China have veto in the four nations’ bidding for a permanent seat in the UNSC?
  • Roh Moo-hyun told Bush: China is a country that has invaded Korea hundreds of times. How can we forget such a painful past?
  • If Korean war were to break again, will China dispatch troops again?
  • an earthshaking speech by the president of South Korea!
  • If there weren’t countries…
  • Kim Jong Il is a real man!
  • Is Russia a democratic country now?
  • Strong opposition to government’s wiping out African 10 billion RMB Yuan(about $125 million –doubleaf) debt!
  • Does Japan offend China?
  • The future world– 12 predictions and their senses (welcome to predict)
  • Make a gap in Indian Ocean—India and Pakistan set foot in Shanghai Cooperation Organization(SCO)
  • Although the past is passing away: Kuomingtang should have a status in the history of Anti-Japanese war
  • (recommended) Hexin talks(Ⅳ): economists make China collapsed
  • A private discussion on Soutern Tibet(the Sino-India border ) issue
  • On Nigeria’s purchasing China-made F-8IIM (Finback) combat jets
  • Original! current affairs ,political satires and humours ( the fourth period)
  • I don’t worship Japanese nor demonization them — a equitable attitude on Japanese
  • special topic on Malaysian Chinese(forward)
  • There once existed a state(Ⅱ): a dynasty in Thailand established by Chinese
  • the screenshot of the aboved topics in Tianyaclub