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What the Chinese Netizens Discussed recently

Tianyaclub.com is a popular forum in China which has 20,000 to 40,000 users online and the total registered users are over 3,000,000 or even more. The follwing is a list of the recently discussed topics in Tianyaclub‘s World Look.

  • Japan’s bid for a permanent seat in the UNSC(United Nations Security Council) ran into a blank wall in Africa Japanese media criticized China’s intervention
  • Help! what on earth is the area of China’s territory ?
  • Japanese brutehood made Taiwanese fisherfolk angry: What should we do?(forward)
  • an earthshaking speech by the president of Antigua and Barbuda!
  • The road to humanbeing’s perdition–not a joke
  • Let’s discuss—Unite Japan to anti-America! America is our first enemy(forward)
  • Just wanna ask a question: why US didn’t veto when China resumed its UNSC permanent seat in 1971( refers to the People’s Republic of China replaced the Republic of China in UNSC–doubleaf)
  • Central Asia, is Central Kingdom’s Asia (note:China or Zhongguo literally means central kingdom in Chinese language–doubleaf)
  • Do not shout for attacking Taiwan, look at the real level of Chinese war industry, feel heavy
  • Please tell me, does China have veto in the four nations’ bidding for a permanent seat in the UNSC?
  • Roh Moo-hyun told Bush: China is a country that has invaded Korea hundreds of times. How can we forget such a painful past?
  • If Korean war were to break again, will China dispatch troops again?
  • an earthshaking speech by the president of South Korea!
  • If there weren’t countries…
  • Kim Jong Il is a real man!
  • Is Russia a democratic country now?
  • Strong opposition to government’s wiping out African 10 billion RMB Yuan(about $125 million –doubleaf) debt!
  • Does Japan offend China?
  • The future world– 12 predictions and their senses (welcome to predict)
  • Make a gap in Indian Ocean—India and Pakistan set foot in Shanghai Cooperation Organization(SCO)
  • Although the past is passing away: Kuomingtang should have a status in the history of Anti-Japanese war
  • (recommended) Hexin talks(Ⅳ): economists make China collapsed
  • A private discussion on Soutern Tibet(the Sino-India border ) issue
  • On Nigeria’s purchasing China-made F-8IIM (Finback) combat jets
  • Original! current affairs ,political satires and humours ( the fourth period)
  • I don’t worship Japanese nor demonization them — a equitable attitude on Japanese
  • special topic on Malaysian Chinese(forward)
  • There once existed a state(Ⅱ): a dynasty in Thailand established by Chinese
  • the screenshot of the aboved topics in Tianyaclub

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    Comments to: What the Chinese Netizens Discussed recently
    • 2005年6月15日

      Hi Doubleaf! Thanks for doing this English summary of what is being said in Chinese cyberspace. I think it’s really educational for people who don’t read Chinese to know the opinions of Chinese Netizens and bloggers. Keep up the great work!
      双叶,非常感谢你把中国网民关心的题目介绍给英文的 blogosphere. 国外的 blogger 根本不理解中国网民怎么看世界. 我希望, 通过向你这种桥梁, 我们能够引起更多的互相理解 和沟通. 谢谢你!!

    • 2005年6月15日

      hi,Rebecca MacKinnon. I guess you are foreigners but know Chinese language, right? I will keep on doing this, from Tiayaclub and also many other forums, including BBS(Bulletin Board System) of Many Chinese universites.

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    • 2005年6月20日

      Carnival of the Revolutions

      Welcome to Siberian Light for the latest weekly Carnival of the Revolutions, where we aim to give you a sampling of how democracy is marching forwards (and sometimes backwards) in the world today.

    • 2006年5月27日

      As shown bellow, our premier’s Yasukuni visits have revealed some unknown aspects of our Constitution, which you Allied gave us half a century ago:


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